Creativity Guide: Art Prompts to Cultivate a Creative Practice

June 11, 2018 Puerto Rico

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Hello Creatives! You know how there are times that you feel so inspired to create, that you pick up your favorite creative tool to turn your ideas into action, only to stare at that blank canvas for the longest time of your life. Well to cure the "blank canvas syndrome" I created a mini guide with art prompts to help you cultivate a creative practice. 
Back in February I created a four-week set of prompts to help people cultivate a creative practice that will be an enjoyable process, I called it Mindfulness + Creativity, which you can download right here. The prompts were so helpful, that I decided to pack them up into a mini guide that can be used any time of the year. So whenever you feel the desire to create, but you just don't know what to do, you can open this mini guide and use the art prompts that are in it, that way by doing them you can actually get your own ideas flowing. 
I hope that you can get as much use of the guide as possible, and feel free to share it with other creatives as well.

Happy Creating!