DIY: Moon Phases Bullet Journal

December 30, 2018 Camuy, Puerto Rico

The new year is about to arrive, and with it I wanted to start bullet journaling to stay more organized and to have everything I want to keep track of in just one place. The theme of my bullet journal, as you may have guessed is about the Moon Phases. This year I want to work every aspect of my life with the phases of the moon, I think it's very powerful, after all until this day, people are still using the phases of the moon in farming, so why not use it in our everyday life. 

Dress Your Tech: Beachin' Summer Wallpaper Digital Download

December 29, 2018 Camuy, Puerto Rico


Dress your tech and get on the spring/summer 2019 vibe right now with this Beachin' Summer phone wallpaper. This piece was inspired by my local beach, located in the Camuy Coast called "El Peñon Amador", I go there anytime I can, I love sitting in the sand to breath the salty air. The sound of the waves are so calming and relaxing, that it opens up my creativity to a whole new level.