DIY: Moon Phases Bullet Journal

December 30, 2018 Camuy, Puerto Rico

The new year is about to arrive, and with it I wanted to start bullet journaling to stay more organized and to have everything I want to keep track of in just one place. The theme of my bullet journal, as you may have guessed is about the Moon Phases. This year I want to work every aspect of my life with the phases of the moon, I think it's very powerful, after all until this day, people are still using the phases of the moon in farming, so why not use it in our everyday life. 

Being a creative person, I wasn't too excited to purchase a pre-made journal, so I decided to sort of make one myself, this way it was more personal and will have more meaning. I had a brand new A5 kraft sketchbook and enough supplies to create something unique with the theme that I wanted to work with. I decided to go with plain white pages instead of the dots or grid pages, this is because I want to doodle and draw on my journal as well. The layouts that I have planned out for each month are going to function as a way to track my lifestyle and creative business but it will also serve sort of as an art journal. 

  1. Journal of your choice
  2. Black pen (Micron or gel will work best)
  3. Circle template or something to make circles
  4. Gold foil or gold paint
  5. Washi tape, stickers and/or embellishments of your choice
  6. Label maker (optional)
DIY: Moon Phases Bullet Journal by

  1. With the circle template trace all the circles to create the different phases of the moon on the journal of your preference.
  2. Apply gold foil on each moon phase so that the gold will resemble the moon part, leave what's supposed to be the dark side without the foil. In my case, I left the kraft part of the cover to show through. 
  3. Add the moon craters and details with a micron or gel pen. 
  4. Decorate your journal with washi tape, stickers or with any embellishments that you love. 
  5. With a label maker, create a label with the word "Journal" or any word you like to put in the cover of your journal. 
  6. You're done! You created your bullet journal, now its time to use it.

I hope you enjoy this short but very sweet DIY, it literally took me about 40 minutes to create, and it was more due to the waiting time of the foil adhesive. Let me know how your journal turned out by using the hashtag #TheArtsyBohoJournal I would love to see your recreations.