Watercolor Jewelry at Local Story

March 2, 2019 Local Story, Dorado Puerto Rico

Bohemian at Heart Wearable Jewelry by The Artsy Boho at Local Story www.theartsyboho.com

My new collection of watercolor jewelry called "Bohemian at Heart" was completely inspired in Puerto Rico's flora, beach life & the moon. The collection is sold exclusively at the Local Story Store in Dorado, Puerto Rico. 

Like all of my collections, there's only one piece of each, which makes them one of a kind. So if you see something you love, be sure to take it home with you right away because once its sold, it wont come back again. I never in a million years would've thought that I will be making jewelry again, but I got to say that it has been an amazing journey. From making jewelry since my teenage years, to leaving behind my passion for creativity and jewelry design almost 4 years ago to falling back in love with my old love in August 2018, this has been quite a wonderful ride. There are still a few pieces from my past collection at my Etsy Shop so get your hands on them while they last. The next collection which will be a Spring/Summer 2019 Capsule Collection will be released by the end of March, the exact date will be announced on my Instagram @theartsyboho, feel free to follow my art adventure if you're not already doing so.  

Bohemian at Heart Wearable Jewelry by The Artsy Boho at Local Story www.theartsyboho.com 

The "Bohemian at Heart Collection" is a very special one, all of the pieces are inspired in my gorgeous island Puerto Rico. The collection features pieces with pink full moons, which is very special to me, since is the one of my birthday month. It also features the ocean which you can find all around Puerto Rico. The beautiful night sky with the moon that can be seen more gorgeously from the mountains, specially from Lares. The gorgeous sunsets that can be seen from Camuy to all the west side and the cacti which are very common in the south of the island, specially in Guánica. The collection transitions from day to night, and from spring to summer with the different boho-chic pink pieces and the geometric patterns. You can expect very elegant pieces that would look very chic and romantic for a night out to pieces that are very colorful and bohemian that can be worn to a day out in the island. There's a look for almost everyone, I hope you all enjoy this watercolor jewelry collection as much as I loved creating it. 

See you on the island,