Dress Your Tech: Watercolor Mermaid Scales Wallpaper Digital Download

March 6, 2019 Puerto Rico

Dress Your Tech Mermaid Scales Wallpaper by www.theartsyboho.com
Dress your tech and set free your inner Mermaid with this watercolor mermaid scales wallpaper for your mobile device. Inspired by the beach life & the surfer girls of the island, this art piece is just the pop of color your device needs. 

Watercolor Workshop: Cacti & Succulents + My Modern Art Teaching Approach

March 3, 2019 Jappily & Ebenezer Bilingual School Arecibo

Watercolor Workshop: Cacti & Succulents by www.theartsyboho.com

Watercolor with me this Saturday March 9th, 2019 at 1:00 PM where I will teach you how to draw cacti & succulents and how to paint them with watercolors with my modern techniques. This will be at Jappily / Ebenezer Bilingual School in Arecibo, Puerto Rico. 

Watercolor Jewelry at Local Story

March 2, 2019 Local Story, Dorado Puerto Rico

Bohemian at Heart Wearable Jewelry by The Artsy Boho at Local Story www.theartsyboho.com

My new collection of watercolor jewelry called "Bohemian at Heart" was completely inspired in Puerto Rico's flora, beach life & the moon. The collection is sold exclusively at the Local Story Store in Dorado, Puerto Rico.