Watercolor Workshops: My Modern Art Teaching Approach

November 10, 2019 Puerto Rico


Watercolor with Me: Join me in one of my watercolor workshops or book your own paint session. My modern art teaching techniques, will help you create a gorgeous painting that you will be proud of.


My background and experiences as an Educator has enabled me to have a very unique approach to teaching watercolor art. In my workshops I use the Multiple Intelligences theory by Dr. Howard Gardner and the Constructivism learning theory. The combination of both makes my workshops structured but at the same time it enables participants to modify and use their own creativity in the final project, this allows me to serve as a facilitator in the process. I will have an art reference painted by me, which will serve as a base to each participant to create their very own art piece, and it will also serve as a guide when explaining the steps and techniques to sketch and paint the artwork. I will be demonstrating in a new blank piece of paper each of the steps, and then I will go to each individual participant to answer questions, give them tips on how they can improve the piece and help them unleash their own creativity so that each of them can customize it to their very own liking. Its a very fun and creative experience that everyone can enjoy. 


  1. Intro to Watercolors
  2. Sketching Techniques
  3. Watercolor Techniques
  4. Watercolor Swatches & Practices
  5. Let's Paint
  6. It's All About the Details
  7. Q&A
  8. Keep Your Daily Practice Tips
  9. Supplies I use & Recommend
  10. Final Thoughts 

Hope to see you in class, I'm planning to release watercolor classes on Skillshare very soon for those of you who live in a different city and can't make it to the ones in person. Follow my art adventures and  stay tuned with all the new workshops on Instagram @theartsyboho