Paint by Colors: Watercolor Painting Kit

March 15, 2020 Puerto Rico

Paint By Colors Watercolor Kit

"Paint by Colors" an innovative watercolor kit that allows you to paint with wet mediums like watercolors, because it is made with 140lb watercolor paper. The paint by color system allows you to paint more easily, since the lines are color coded with the color you need to paint each part of the piece. 

The kit also comes with the exact watercolors you need to paint the piece and with video tutorials that teaches you the basic watercolor techniques and how to use the kit. The videos can be found on an exclusive FB Group, YouTube and Instagram. An artsy educational sheet also comes printed in the kit, so you can become an artist while having fun. There are 8 kits to choose from, all of them are my very own original art, but they will become your very own masterpiece, all you need to do is frame it.

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I wish this kind of kit was available when I was first starting with watercolors, I know you will love it as much as I do. Let me know if you have any questions or need more tips and advice. 

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