Watercolor Tip #3: Get to know your brushes

March 21, 2020 Puerto Rico


Getting to know your brushes is super important, they do a lot of the work for us, think of them like a car, they will take you where you lead them to.

There are different types of brushes out there, they vary in size, shape and materials. Depending on the type of composition you want to create is the type of brush you should use. The right brush selection could make the painting process an easier and enjoyable one. 

Take out all the brushes you own and start making marks with them. Keep a sheet with your brush study as a reference, write down the type of brush beside each mark or take a picture so that you can have a visual library of your brushes and what each one can do. 

Here's a post I did over a year ago with a very lovely visual guide on this topic: "Brushes + Mark-Making"

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